About us

Our house is located in a quiet location right on the edge of the forest in Warstein -Allagen, the house also includes a 3,000 sqm large forest. From many hiking parking lots, the numerous hiking trails around Warstein can be easily reached.

You should definitely visit the Lörmecke Tower, which was built on the highest elevation of the Warsteiner Forest (581 m) of Douglas fir and steel. The tower itself is 35 m high with a base diameter of about 7 m. Once you have overcome the 204 steps, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view over the Sauerland and the Soester Börde.

The Bilsteintal offers in addition to its hiking trails with ancient trees the Bilstein Flowstone Cave, in which you can see magically beautiful formations of stalactites. The wildlife park in the Bilstein Valley is home to Red and Sika deer, raccoons, foxes, wild boars and even lynx. Remarkably, the visit to the wild life park is free.

In one of the most famous climbing areas of North Rhine-Westphalia at the Hillenberg you can be active on more than 70 routes of different difficulty levels (3-9). There are attractive offers for beginners as well as alpine climbers and families. Information about the routes can be found in the brochure "Kletterarena Hillenberg" - downloadable on the Internet.

In the immediate vicinity, many leisure activities are on offer - not only for beer drinkers interesting is certainly also the tour of the famous Warsteiner Brewery. In late summer / autumn, the well-known Montgolfiade u.a. With the mass launch of hot air balloons and many attractive events held, appointments can be easily researched on the Web. Water sports enthusiasts and cyclists will find many opportunities in the area to pursue their hobbies; the Möhnesee with its many leisure activities is only a few km away and easy to reach via the Möhnetalradweg. The medieval Old town of Soest is certainly also worth exploring. By car or bus it's about 30 minutes to the city center.


Our house rules

Dear guests, our accommodation should be a home for you. You, your fellow travelers and our other guests should always feel at ease with us! We therefore ask you to abide by the following little rules.

In general, if you miss something in our accommodation, something to be improved or if we can help you somehow, just let us know. We're here to help. Please handle the furniture carefully, so that the next guests have something of it and feel good. If you cause any damage to the equipment, we ask you to inform us immediately. Usually one can clarify such things about the liability insurance fast and uncomplicated. Please ensure that your fellow travelers comply with this small house rules.

NO SMOKING: We ask you to smoke only outside the building. In our accommodation smoking is generally not allowed in the interests of all travelers. Similarly, smoking or lighting an open flame (matches, lighter) in the forest area belonging to our property is not allowed because of the fire hazard.

The bathroom: The bathroom is cleaned regularly. Please make sure to open the windows after showering! Please do not dispose of leftovers in the toilet. This also applies to the facial tissues in the room (danger of clogging!)

Our rest periods: So that you and your fellow travelers are fit and well rested the next morning, from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am you are asked to avoid any noise. TV and music equipment should only be used at room volume.

Your duty of care: Please close all windows and doors before leaving your accommodation. Please also make sure that all lamps and electrical appliances (TV, kettle, coffee maker etc.) are switched off.

Valuables: The landlord is not liable for the loss of valuables, clothes and other equipment.

Key: As a tenant, you will receive a room key from us. If the key is lost, a replacement key must be obtained at the expense of the renter.

Parking: Please use only the parking spaces on the property and on the right side of the street in front of the property.